La Commission des relations de travail de l’Ontario a donné raison aux coursiers  Foodora. Ces derniers auront désormais le droit de s’affilier à un syndicat et de faire respecter leurs droits à un salaire minimum. Cette décision constitue un pas important pour les travailleuses et les travailleurs de la « Gig economy » au Canada. 


TORONTO – The Ontario Labour Relations Board ruled today that couriers working for Foodora are, as Foodsters United and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers argued, dependent contractors – which means they have the legal right to organize and certify a union.

Until now, Foodora misclassified the couriers as independent contractors, which allowed them to avoid certain employer responsibilities, and does not entail the right to union certification. But the union’s argument prevailed.

Jan Simpson, CUPW National President, said “This decision shows that the tide is turning towards justice for thousands of gig workers in Ontario and soon these workers will have the right to their union. CUPW is proud to be part of challenging the big app-based employers, and reshaping the future of work in favour of workers’ rights, safety, and respect.” https://www.sttp.ca/en/historic-win-foodora-couriers-big-step-closer-union-certification

Kai Pilger